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Please remember that cases are sometimes unavailable as already on review by another attorney. The Case List marks these cases as "On Review." Occasionally, these cases may return to the list if not placed with the reviewing attorney, who has one week to accept or return the case. As many VLA cases are placed very quickly, we encourage you to include at least two cases in your case requests. 

Who We Serve
VLA serves low income artists and non-profit arts and cultural organizations in a wide range of artistic disciplines, including theater, dance, fashion, the visual arts, performance, music, journalism, crafts, textiles, film, design, and literature. Whether artists are looking to start a non-profit dance company, copyright their manuscript or produce an independent film, VLA is available to assist them. VLA meets the artist before a case can be listed on our case list to confirm that they meet VLA’s financial and substantive guidelines. Further explanation of our financial and substantive qualification guidelines is available upon your request.

Table of Contents

Real Estate/Landlord/Tenant
Wills, Trusts or Estates

Contract - Back to Top

A filmmaker seeks a legal assistance in resolving a dispute regarding a documentary production agreement with his co-producer. Client was served with a lawsuit in the Superior Court of New Jersey and seeks assistance defending the lawsuit.

14079 - On Review
Client is a filmmaker seeking assistance creating contractual agreements with a fiscal sponsor.

14127 - On Review
Client, a writer, seeks a volunteer attorney to draft a demand letter for specific performance, or alternatively, reimbursement of monies paid to adverse party under a writer for hire contract for the editing, publishing and promotion of a book.

A Spanish speaking-only musician seeks a volunteer attorney to represent his interests in a breach of contract and a possible copyright infringement by a music arranger.

Client seeks legal assistance resolving a contract dispute with the other members of her former band.

Contract/Copyright - Back to Top

14135 - On Review
*** Client is a student and fashion designer seeking legal assistance drafting a contract defining his rights in designs in a fashion line created for a clothing retailer.

14121 - On Review
*** Client is a designer seeking review of a consulting and confidentiality agreement.

Client is a documentary filmmaker who seeks assistance obtaining errors and omissions insurance for his film.

Client is a film maker seeking legal assistance negotiating with a former employee who is using footage from client's project without the client's permission.

*** Client co-developed a pilot script for a TV series that is currently being picked up by a UK Production company and she seeks a volunteer attorney to rewrite and negotiate the terms of her old Screenwriter's Collaboration Agreement with her co-developer.

*** Client, a screenwriter, seeks a volunteer attorney to review and negotiate terms of an option deal proposal with a production company.

Client, an artist, seeks a volunteer attorney to advise her on issues of defamation, confidentiality and trademark in relation to an experimental art installation, and to draft a contract for the acceptance or rejection of a gift to certain public, private and university libraries for use in the installation.

14172 - On Review
*** Client, an illustrator, seeks a volunteer attorney to assess her claim for copyright infringment for illustrations she drew that now appear in a book without her consent.

Copyright - Back to Top

14194 - On Review
*** Client, a textile designer, whose textile pattern has possibly been infringed by a Canadian textile company, seeks assistance to send a cease and desist letter to a Canadian textile company, which is selling a similar pattern. Client also seeks advice on assessing the merits of an infringement claim.

Client, a filmmaker, seeks the assistance of a volunteer attorney to evaluate his liabilty for infringement and violation of the right of publicity and negotiate with the adverse party the rights to distribute the film. Client also needs assistance obtaining errors and omissions insurance.

14188 - On Review
*** Client is a music production company seeking representation to send a cease and desist demand to a former associate who is performing Client's music under a name for which Client has a registered trademark.

*** Client, a fine artist, seeks a volunteer attorney to help him recover compensation for the unauthorized use of a photograph of his painting in apartment listing advertisements.

14114 - On Review
Client, a photographer, seeks a volunteer attorney to stop adverse party from the unauthorized use of her videos on the internet and of the unauthorized use of her photographs on adverse party's merchandise.

Corporate - Back to Top

14119 - On Review
Client, an independent film producer, wishes to organize an LLC and prepare offering materials to raise $500,000 to finance a film.

14059 - On Review
Client is seeking assistance creating a subsidiary LLC and drafting a Private Placement Memorandum for a securities offering for that subsidiary.

*** Client, the owner of a music publishing company, seeks assistance with the dissolution of the company following the recent death of his partner.

Client seeks the assistance of an attorney in terminating a partnership and negotiating a potential buyout of the company in addition to the recovery of misappropriated corporate assets.

14148 - On Review
The sole proprietor of a photography and video business seeks the assistance of a volunteer attorney to incorporate as a limited liability company.

Dispute/Litigation - Back to Top

Client seeks legal representation in recovering a portfolio of artwork which is being held by a family member.

Dispute/Litigation/Negotiation - Back to Top

Client, a ballet costume designer, needs legal assistance evaluating the strength of her claim for payment against the adverse party, who engaged her to design costumes for his ballet academy.

14181 - On Review
*** Photographer seeks assistance preparing for a dispute over the use of a model's photo without a model release form, and potentially defending a litigation if pulled in as a third party defendant.

Immigration - Back to Top

14064 - On Review
Client, a Venezuelan actor, seeks legal assistance applying for an O-1 visa.

14046 - On Review
Client, a performance artist, on OPT seeks assistance filing an O-1 visa application.

14042 - On Review
Client, an actor, seeks legal assistance with an O-1 visa application.

Client, a dancer/singer/actress who is in the United States on a J-1 visa, seeks legal assistance with an O-1 visa application.

14150 - On Review
Client, a French citizen and opera singer, seeks a volunteer attorney to help her apply for an O-1 Visa.

Client, an Argentinean actress working in the United States, seeks legal assistance obtaining an O-1 Visa.

Client is a singer and actress seeking to apply for an O-1 visa.

Mediation - Back to Top

14164 - On Review
*** Client seeks mediation in a dispute regarding the operation of an art gallery she opened with her partner in 2010. The parties seek mediation to discuss the terms of their working relationship, and to settle a dispute regarding access to the gallery's financial information. ***Open to attorneys who have attended VLA's MediateArt Training program

14117 - On Review
Client is a gallery owner seeking the assistance of an attorney in mediation with his business partner. ***Open to attorneys who have attended VLA MediateArt Training.

Non-Profit - Back to Top

Client, an organization promoting African dance, seeks legal assistance incorporating the organization as a nonprofit and completing their application for 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. Substantial portions of this matter have been prepared, and client needs a volunteer attorney to review and revise the file, if needed, and finalize the application.

Client, a dance institute that aims to provide professional dance training and studies free of tuition, seeks the assistance of a volunteer attorney to incorporate as a not-for-profit and apply for 501(c)(3) status.

Client is a dancer, who seeks a volunteer attorney to help him form a non-profit entity for the purpose of performing and showcasing choreography from different cultures around the world.

Client, a non-profit dance organization, seeks an attorney to help re-apply for tax exempt status after its tax exempt status was revoked.

*** Clients seek a volunteer attorney to incorporate and subsequently file for 501(c)3 status for a writers collective.

Client, a group devoted to developing public interest in traditional folklore and customs of immigrant communities, seeks legal assistance registering as a not-for-profit corporation and obtaining tax-exempt status federally and in New York.

Client, whose programs give children access to media technology to foster their creativity, seeks the assistance of a volunteer attorney to incorporate as a non-profit.

Client, a non-profit cultural organization, seeks assistance amending its by-laws.

*** Unincorporated music ensemble seeks legal assistance incorporating as a nonprofit and obtaining tax-exempt status federally and in New York.

Patent - Back to Top

*** Client, inventor of a new type of planting device, seeks assistance with filing a patent application for her invention.

14161 - On Review
Client invented customizable, illuminated LED signs and seeks an attorney to assist him with applying for a patent.

Client is a furniture designer who has created a new set of furniture. Client seeks the pro bono assistance of a volunteer attorney to prepare and file a design patent application for her furniture.

Client, the inventor of a device for storing eyewear, seeks the assistance of a volunteer attorney to discuss the invention's patentability and apply for a patent, if applicable.

14112 - On Review
Client has constructively invented a new home snow removal device. Client seeks assistance applying for a patent.

14120 - On Review
Client is the inventor of an electronic musical. Client seeks the assistance of a patent attorney for applying for a patent for his invention.

Real Estate/Landlord/Tenant - Back to Top

13383 - On Review
Client, a non- profit organization seeking to build a museum, seeks legal assistance with preventing the City from unduly taking their deeded property on which the museum is to be built.

Client is a not-for-profit foundation that owns a landmark building structure, and seeks legal assistance obtaining compensation for damage caused to the structure by Adverse Party.

Trademark - Back to Top

14169 - On Review
Client, the creator of a mobile application, seeks a volunteer attorney to defend himself and his company against a trademark infringement suit.

14016 - On Review
Client is a nonprofit organization seeking legal assistance enforcing its right to a trademark against a party who is using a confusingly similar name.

Wills, Trusts or Estates - Back to Top

*** A painter seeks legal assitance planning his estate.