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To request a case, please click the appropriate case number below to email VLA Legal Fellow & Pro Bono Coordinator Josephina Tapia at

Please remember that cases are sometimes unavailable as already on review by another attorney. The Case List marks these cases as "On Review." Occasionally, these cases may return to the list if not placed with the reviewing attorney, who has one week to accept or return the case. As many VLA cases are placed very quickly, we encourage you to include at least two cases in your case requests. 

Who We Serve
VLA serves low income and indigent artists and nonprofit arts and cultural organizations in every imaginable discipline. For example, theater, dance, fashion, the visual arts, performance, music, journalism, crafts, textiles, architecture, film, design, literature, and poetry are only a few of the artistic disciplines we service. Whether artists are looking to start a nonprofit dance company, copyright their manuscript or produce an independent film, VLA is available to assist them. Before cases are placed on this list, VLA meets with the applicant for pro bono services to confirm that they meet VLA’s financial and substantive guidelines. Further explanation of our financial and substantive qualification guidelines is available upon your request.


Table of Contents

Real Estate/Landlord/Tenant

Contract - Back to Top

13774 - On Review
Client seeks enforcement of his contract and payment of moneys owed under the agreement.

13923 - On Review
Client is a not-for- profit music education program which seeks legal assistance drafting liability waivers.

Contract/Copyright - Back to Top

Client is a documentary filmmaker who seeks assistance obtaining errors and omissions insurance for his film.

13785 - On Review
Client is a film maker seeking legal assistance negotiating with a former employee who is using footage from client's project without the client's permission.

13613 - On Review
Client is a fine artist who created a video piece and seeks legal assistance assessing her claim against the Adverse Party, who publicly distributed a commercial feature film that is similar to a film that client created. Client has sold limited copies of the video with contract restrictions not to release video to third parties, and believes one purchaser may have given access to Adverse Party. Client seeks the assistance of a volunteer attorney to assess and pursue a copyright infringement action.

13758 - On Review
Client who wishes to produce a play written in the 1940s is seeking legal assistance to conduct a search for the holder of the copyright to the material.

Copyright - Back to Top

13892 - On Review
Client is a designer seeking assistance of a volunteer attorney to assess the strength of her copyright infringement claim.

Client, a composer, arranged a song for adverse party and now seeks the assistance of a volunteer attorney to recover royalties and credit that she did not receive.

13873 - On Review
Client, a songwriter and recording artist, seeks a volunteer attorney to remove allegedly infringing songs from iTunes. Client also seeks advice on how to obtain videos she has paid for but have not been delivered from a recording studio.

Client is a party to a probate action currently pending in Ohio. Client seeks assistance moving the action to a New York federal court and seeks to have a declaratory judgment entered in his favor that the copyright assignment is valid.

Corporate - Back to Top

13955 - On Review
*** Client is a filmmaker seeking assistance incorporating his film as an LLC in New York.

Dispute/Litigation - Back to Top

Client seeks legal representation in recovering a portfolio of artwork which is being held by a family member.

Dispute/Litigation/Negotiation - Back to Top

*** Client is a filmmaker, who seeks legal assistance in negotiating an agreement with a production company, the Adverse Party. Client worked for the Adverse Party for a number of months, and now they are experiencing a dispute over ownership of materials and compensation.

13904 - On Review
Client, a filmmaker, seeks a volunteer attorney to assist her in a suit against an adverse party who breached their Collaboration Agreement and displayed her film in an unauthorized public performance.

Documentary film writer and director seeks legal assistance in negotiating the restoration of his director credit in promotional materials relating to a film and assessing the strength of a defamation claim grounded on the omission of said director credit.

Clients are defendants in a lawsuit for alleged breach of contract regarding a vocal recording. Client seeks legal assistance defending the litigation.

13861 - On Review
Client, a musician, seeks legal assistance resolving a dispute with his former band member regarding expenses that the former band member claims Client owes.

Client is seeking the assistance of an attorney to help him recover his artwork or compensation for its value from a gallery at which the work was once displayed, but has since gone missing.

13784 - On Review
Client seeks an attorney to assist her with the return of her paintings and payment for sold works pursuant to a Consignment Agreement.

Dispute/Litigation/Negotiation/Mediation - Back to Top

Client, a ballet costume designer, needs legal assistance evaluating the strength of her claim for payment against the adverse party, who engaged her to design costumes for his ballet academy.

Client is a photographer whose work was used in an advertisement without her authorization. She seeks representation in recovering licensing fees for the use of the photograph.

Immigration - Back to Top

13795 - On Review
Client, a dancer/singer/actress who is in the United States on a J-1 visa, seeks legal assistance with an O-1 visa application.

13944 - On Review
Client is a singer and actress seeking to apply for an O-1 visa.

13938 - On Review
Client is a Canadian spatial designer who has been working in the U.S. for over three years on TN visas. She now wants to apply for an O-1 visa.

Non-Profit - Back to Top

13759 - On Review
Client, a non-profit dance organization, seeks assistance in reinstating its tax exempt status.

Owner seeks assistance of a volunteer attorney to re-incorporate her for-profit organization as a not-for-profit with 501(c)(3) status.

Patent - Back to Top

13881 - On Review
Client seeks the assistance of a volunteer patent attorney to file a patent application for Client’s dance-related stretching invention.

Client is an inventor who created a novel exercise mat. Client has drawings and has performed a preliminary prior art search. Client seeks the pro bono assistance of a volunteer patent attorney to help prepare and prosecute his application.

13912 - On Review
Client invented an interlocking building system and would like the assistance of an attorney to file a patent.

13823 - On Review
Client is an inventor who seeks patent protection for an invention within the athletic safety equipment class. Client seeks the pro bono assistance of a patent attorney to obtain a utility patent.

Real Estate/Landlord/Tenant - Back to Top

The Client is a non-profit organization that has been operating for several years and is seeking to build a museum. The donated property on which the museum would be located is historically significant to the mission. Several years ago, the City of New York proposed taking the property for its own purposes under eminent domain. The Client seeks legal assistance with preventing the City from unduly taking their deeded property.

13762 - On Review
Client is a not-for- profit foundation seeking legal assistance obtaining compensation for the reconstruction of a building structure that Adverse Party damaged.