MediateArt™ Training Program

This program is for attorneys, artists, arts administrators, and other professionals!

MediateArt, a VLA program since 1998, offers artists and arts organizations three services in an objective, supportive forum at a nominal cost: Mediation (dispute resolution), contract negotiation, and negotiation counseling.  Respectively, these services assist artists and arts organizations in resolving arts-related disputes, in forming mutually agreeable arrangements among collaborators, and in preparing for a negotiation.

MediateArt is open to artists and arts organizations in all disciplines. In addition, all members of the arts community, regardless of income or operating budget, may use this program’s services to address their arts-related legal and business issues. 


Upcoming Training:

Tuesday, May 19, and
Wednesday, May 20, 2015
10 am – 6 pm

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CLE with VLA

Earn up to 16 CLE credit hours and learn to be a Mediator with MediateArt and VLA!



The mediation (dispute resolution) component of the MediateArt program offers a process for parties to resolve their differences with the assistance of neutral mediators. Generally, the process is completed within one three hour session. If necessary, additional sessions may be arranged.

Other Services
Frequently, artists come to VLA when they are working through the terms and details of a contract they have been offered or a business proposal they would like to offer to someone else.  To address artists’ needs in this area, the MediateArt program also includes two additional services, Negotiation Counseling and Contract Negotiation.

Negotiation Counseling service helps artists analyze business opportunities and prospective collaborations in advance of creating a written agreement with another party. 

The Contract Negotiation service assists artists and arts organizations in working though the terms and conditions of a prospective or existing relationship with the ultimate goal of expressing that relationship in writing.

VLA offers an intensive arts and entertainment mediation training program for attorneys, artists, arts administrators, and other professionals. Completing the MediateArt Training Program is a prerequisite to serving as a MediateArt volunteer.

There are modest administrative fees for MediateArt services calculated on a sliding scale that varies according to a participant’s income or operating budget. 

For more information on this program, please email VLA at or call al 212.319.2787 x 10